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Tourism Management
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A Destination Management & Marketing System

Designed and built specifically for Destination Managers.

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A Destination Management & Marketing System

Designed and built specifically for Destination Managers.

Centralize Assets


Share assets to a single platform and share with all levels of tourism stakeholders for quick and easy access.

Pool Resources


Use shared assets to easily create fully integrated community, tourism and investment websites, landing pages, apps and more!



Use system tools (like operator updates) to automate many of the daily tasks needed to manage and promote your destination.

A New, and Better Way of Managing and Marketing Your Destination

Now, more than ever, tourism regions need to be strategic about managing and promoting their tourism destinations.

How it Works

The Best Destinations are those that are Aligned, Working Together, Sharing the Same Message

The Tourist Town system allows tourism operators and destination managers, at all levels within a region to communicate, collaborate, pool resources, share, manage, and promote tourism assets - all from a single platform, freeing up essential staff resources.

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Small Town

Special Offer

Are you looking to bring more investment to your small town?

Whether you’re looking to attract more tourism, bring in new Business or entice people to relocate to your community, this Special Offer makes it easy for all small communities to better manage their town and put it on the map!


What Customers Say

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“Using the Tourist Town platform has freed up our resources so that we can concentrate on creating new products and experiences for visitors.”

Bruce County, ON

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“When it came to fulfilling our online marketing strategy, we chose the Tourist Town platform so that we can continue to grow our collection of websites by easily accessing and sharing our created content.”

Algoma Country

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“With the Tourist Town platform, we’re able to have our municipality, community organizations and businesses all working on the same page. Because of this we have been able to share resources, create new experiences and develop collaborative marketing programs for our communities.”

Municipality of Arran-Elderslie

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“The Tourist Town platform allows us to promote collectively as a region while highlighting the uniqueness of our own community.”

Municipality of Kincardine, ON

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“We have used the Tourist Town system for several years and find it easy to use and essential to organizing our tourism assets. We love that our communities, organizations, and businesses are all connected on one platform.”

Saugeen Shores Tourism

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“This is an excellent platform for tourism regions and communities to use. Roger Brooks approved!”

Roger Brooks, Destination Management Specialist

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